Sanford Service

Betty Lanoie

Phone: (207) 459-7746

Email Sanford Service Dept.

Dover Service

Jack Ferland

Phone: (603) 743-4912

Email Dover Service Dept.

Ossipee Service

Chris Sculley

Phone: (603) 539-9190

Email Ossipee Service Dept.

Concord Service

Bob Wasowski

Phone: (603) 226-1486

Email Concord Service Dept.


Shop Labor Rate $84/HR**
Field Labor Rate $84/HR**
Welding Rate $120/HR**
Sharpen Blade, Off Deck $10/ea
Sharpen Blade, On Deck $20/ea
Sharpen Chain, Off Saw $10/ea
Sharpen Chain, On Saw $14/ea

**Minimum estimate charge applies to ANY estimate given. 
This is a minimum only, additional time may
be accrued depending on how long the actual estimate takes.
**Transportation charges may also apply

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Riding Lawn Equipment Service Pricing
Compact Tractor Service Pricing
Pickup & Delivery From - Concord
Pickup & Delivery From - Dover
Pickup & Delivery From - Ossipee
Pickup & Delivery From - Sanford

Ready to Mow Mobile Service

Ready To Mow provides standard maintenance and diagnosis of problems all at the convenience of your own home.  

One of our professional Ready To Mow technicians will come to your home in a specially designed trailer - outfitted with a lift, blade sharpening wheel, generator, cabinets and racks full of parts and oil.

Our technician will perform a professional 12 Point Inspection Service on your lawn tractor or walk-behind mower--all within the confines of the trailer.

A regularly scheduled annual maintenance with Ready To Mow will extend the life of your mower, reduce costly repairs and leave a healthier, greener lawn in the process.

Ready to Mow

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